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January 05, 2015

12 Years and Counting

Since our founding, MLG clients have benefited from the vast criminal law experience of our various seasoned practitioners.

Recent accomplishments include:

Not Guilty verdict in an Assault case: The victim identified MLG’s client as the perpetrator and a computer generated sketch suggested similarities between the alleged attacker and MLG’s client. By raising questions at trial concerning lighting conditions, bias, and the quick timing of the incident, reasonable doubt was found and the Court entered a not guilty verdict.

Not Guilty verdict in a Sex Assault case: The victim testified that an MLG client inappropriately touched her at various times during work. By pointing out motive and inconsistencies in prior statements, the Court found reasonable doubt and MLG’s client was found not guilty.

Two MLG clients, accused of disorderly conduct and assault on a law enforcement officer, received Dismissals following the completion of community service

Not Guilty verdict in a DWI Case where the client was in the driver’s seat in a single car accident, transported to the hospital, and submitted to a blood test for alcohol alleging a BAC over the legal limit.

In the District of Columbia, Mr. Wikramanayake secured a not guilty verdict in a drug possession case where drugs were found in the console of a vehicle in which the client was the sole occupant/driver. Utilizing applicable case law and other factors, Mr. Wikramanayake convinced a judge that there was insufficient evidence for a finding of guilt.

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*Past performance is not a guarantee of future success.