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Real Estate

We offer real estate professionals, developers, homeowners, real estate agents, real estate investors and anyone involved in a real estate transaction, a breadth of knowledge in real estate.

Our attorneys are familiar with the complex laws and procedures involved in purchasing raw land, developing real property, selling real property to end-users, buying real property, mortgage rights and obligations, resale of real property, a real estate agent’s rights and responsibilities, home improvement issues (including home improvement commission issues – both civil and criminal), real estate commission licensing and regulations, foreclosure issues, unpaid liens, settlement issues, bogus settlement charges, Truth-in-Lending Act obligations, Real Estate Property Settlement Procedures Act protections, title insurance issues and title claims, real estate trusts, disposition of real estate in probate, and the impact of bankruptcy on real estate, etc. Additionally, our attorneys have assisted lenders, tenants on both commercial and residential leases.

Through our courtroom experience, our firm is able to zealously represent individuals, families or businesses, in a civil litigation context concerning any real estate matter.

Our zoning experience includes obtaining special exceptions, negotiating with adjoining property owners to insure that all points of view are respected in any development, representation of property and land owners with County agencies and boards, and if necessary, in the Circuit Courts. Our attorneys work closely with your engineers/architects and guide you through the complex mazes of a locality’s specific zoning laws. Our fees are reasonable. Call today for a free consultation.