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Civil Litigation

“Obtain the best outcome for the client, provide a high quality work-product that meets the most demanding expectations, and leave our clients stunned at how little it costs them.” Such statement exemplifies our approach to any litigation opportunity.

Our firm’s experienced litigation attorneys guide clients through the complexities of civil litigation to deliver the best outcome or settlement, while paying close attention to our client’s bottom line. Although our first goal is provide high quality work and obtain a desired objective, our firm creatively structures legal fee payments to help our litigation clients with their bottomline.

Our attorneys have successfully argued in state and federal courtrooms throughout the region on diverse issues such as bankruptcy, debtor and creditor rights, personal injury, breach of contract, real estate and other areas.

We aim to serve the needs of consumers and businesses of any size seeking to obtain an extremely high level of legal service and competency with reasonable attorneys fees. Our focus is on maximizing your best possible outcome, rather than spending the most amount of your time.

If you are ever served with process (a lawsuit), or desire to file suit against a person or business, contact us immediately for a free consultation to discuss all your options and to insure no important deadlines are missed.

We look forward to your business and appreciate your trust.